1st NTFS Recovery Articles

The Last Hope for NTFS Partitions

Fix damaged NTFS partitions and salvage your files and data quickly and easily. 1st NTFS Recovery http://ntfs-recovery.com/ is a tool for retrieving information from damaged disks and corrupted partitions. While Windows Recycle Bin can sometimes restore deleted files, there are numerous cases in which Recycle Bin is completely useless.

NTFS Partition Recovery

Recover Repartitioned NTFS Disks

A repartitioned disk not only loses all of your data, it also loses the original file system structures. It is not possible to 'un-partition' the repartitioned disk in a way you can deal with a formatted drive. Recovering data and restoring the repartitioned hard drives in their original state is a long and complex process if you try doing it manually. Fortunately, there are tools to help you recover your data and your disk!

Formatted NTFS Disk

Do-It-Yourself. Hard Disk Data Recovery

The damage caused by software crashes and hard drive failures is hard to overestimate. When a hardware or software failure causes considerable damage to data stored on the hard disk, the corruption often makes the disk inaccessible. In panic, many victims cease their hard drives with all data on them to third-party data recovery services for recovery.

Disk Recovery

New Data Recovery Technologies for NTFS Hard Disks

NTFS partitions are infinitely more robust than their older FAT counterparts. Unfortunately, even NTFS volumes are not guaranteed against failures, corruption and data loss. Various reasons contribute to the NTFS failures, including hardware and software failures, power outages and malicious actions performed by viruses, trojans and other malware.

NTFS Disk Recovery

NTFS Disk and Data Recovery

Inaccessible hard disks, corrupted file systems and damaged files are just a few consequences that can happen to an unsuspecting computer user after a computer disaster. Data can be lost due to many reasons, and there's not much one can do to prevent the disaster.

NTFS Data Recovery

Recover Files from Dead NTFS Disks

Recover NTFS disks and files automatically with 1st NTFS Recovery! The new NTFS disk recovery product released by http://ntfs-recovery.com/ makes it possible for everyone to fix damaged NTFS structures. But most importantly, the new NTFS data recovery product makes it possible to save the files and data from the damaged disk!

Recover NTFS Disk

Reliability Issues of the NTFS File System

The New Technology File System (NTFS) has been introduced to address the lack of reliability inherent to the older Fila Allocation Table (FAT) file system. The reliability of the file system greatly affects overall reliability of the operating system, so it is no wonder that Microsoft has introduced the NTFS in its server family of operating systems, Windows NT.

NTFS Hard Drive Recovery

RAID Recovery Articles

Recovering RAID Arrays at Home: The Easy Way

Due to the many modern motherboards manufactured by all major chipset makers such as Intel, NVIDIA, and VIA, numerous computer users opt to increase the performance of their disk sub-systems by creating a RAID array. RAID arrays made with ordinary, consumer-grade hard drives are surely increasing performance, yet at the cost of reliability.

Recovering RAID Arrays at Home: The Easy Way

Automated RAID Recovery

Major players in the PC hardware market have flooded the market with RAID-enabled motherboards, encouraging unsuspecting computer users to employ RAID configurations at home. While being arguably the cheapest way to increase disk subsystem performance, RAIDs in stripe configurations are inherently less reliable than a single disk. In fact, they are much less reliable then they are faster compared to a single-disk system.

Automated RAID Recovery

Rescuing Data after RAID Failure

There are several types of RAID arrays in existence. Mirror-type RAIDs (RAID 1) are the simplest, providing simple mirroring of information with no real performance benefit. Mirror-type RAIDs are used to increase reliability of information stored on such arrays.

Rescuing Data after RAID Failure

What to Do If Your RAID Controller Fails

The number of RAID-enabled systems used at homes is constantly increasing. RAID is the most affordable way to improve system performance. However, the additional performance of the disk subsystem comes at the cost of reduced reliability. The decrease in reliability is non-linear, meaning that when more disks are added to the array, the entire array is exponentially more likely to fail.

What to Do If Your RAID Controller Fails

How to Use Power Search in RAID Recovery

Advanced version of patented PowerSearch Technology, designed for recovery of the files which can?t be found by scanning the file system, is introduced in RAID Recovery. PowerSearch technology is a huge library of file signatures, powerful file detection engine which can detect separate files in bunch of bytes stored which are what the drive surface looks like.

RAID Recovery Power Search

How to Create RAID Data Recovery Disk with RAID Recovery.

Sometimes due to RAID failure it?s not possible to boot the PC to recover the data, in such cases you need RAID data recovery disk. You can create it using free Boot CD Creator and your own Windows Installation CD. Even if you don?t have problem with RAID right now, you can feel yourself safer if you will have RAID data recovery disk by hand.

RAID Data Recovery Disk

How to backup the RAID with RAID Recovery.

When some RAID levels offer better data protection than single drive, when your RAID is five times safer, you still may want to add additional protection for your data. Why not if your data is really important?

RAID Recovery Backup