CD and DVD Recovery

CD and DVD Recovery Made Easy

Just finished burning CD or DVD, only to find out that some files appear to be corrupted or inaccessible? Power went out, while recording data? This solution will recover CDs and DVDs, including multi-session ones. CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-/-R, DVD-/-RW, DVD-RAM.

If you have a question

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What should I not to do if I don't want any problems? Is the product safe for my data? I don't want to lose more than I've lost already.

Do not try to recover and burn the found files from CD-RW or DVD-RW back to the same disk, this may damage your files.

I don't see my optical drive in the list of drives available for scan.

Make sure your optical drive is visible in BIOS or in My Computer as a drive with assigned drive letter. If you're using some non-standard External drive, you should try the standard internal one.

My optical drive does not see the disk.

You can to try another optical drive or even another PC.

My disk is scratched. How can I make my drive see it or improve recovery results?

Paint the working side of the disk with transparent green marker. This filters the distorted laser rays on the edges of deep scratches and makes returning signal clearer. Another way is to polish the scratched CD.

What for is Create Image option?

Although you can't mount and recover the files from image using CD-DVD Recovery, you can mount the image created with CD-DVD Recovery to any other our product that supports recovery from image. This option is included in CD-DVD Recovery because no other product does support recovery or create image from optical disk.

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