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Combining sophisticated data recovery algorithms with carefully thought user interface, 1st File Undelete is just the right tool for the home user to recover files that were deleted or lost. 1st File Undelete recovers erased files of all types with full previews.

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What should I not to do if I don't want any problems?

Do not save recovered files to the same drive and partition from where they were recovered.

Is the product safe for my data? I don't want to lose more than I've lost already.

The product doesn't perform any write operation to source drive. As it's important to keep the drive with lost files untouched, do not specify the source drive as destination - do not save files to it.

I don't see my drive in the list of drives available for scan.

Make sure your drive is visible in BIOS or in My Computer as a drive with assigned drive letter. If you're trying to recover the data from flash card connected to PC via Camera, try to use card reader. If you need to recover data from internal memory of your Camera and don't see it in drive list of our product, we can't help you.

I can see my physical Hard Drive, but I can see my partition neither in Windows, nor in your product.

Depending on the type of your partition, you should use 1st NTFS Recovery, FAT Recovery or Drive Recovery.

The program freezes during scan.

Let it run few extra hours and watch the progress. If this will not help, enlarge your swap file to 4 GB and try again.

I need to recover data from RAID, will this product help me?

Unless you're trying to recover the data from RAID-1, this product will not help you, and you should use RAID Recovery. If you need to recover the data from RAID-1, just use one drive of the drive set and scan it like usual drive.

I've stopped the scan of my partition, and when I open it again, it displays no data and does not perform scan.

Use Reopen option when right-click to the drive.

What is swap file? How to enlarge it to allow more memory for the product?

Swap file is the special temporary file of your OS allows you to increase your memory amount by using some space from your hard drive. If you want, to change it, open google.com and try Change swap file size and the name and version of your OS. For example, Change swap file size Windows XP . You'll find many pages with step-by-step instructions.

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