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Flash Recovery is a flash memory file recovery tool that restores all corrupted and deleted photographs or the ones that were lost due to a hardware malfunction. This utility works even if a memory card was re-formatted.

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Why Flash Recovery and not File Undelete?

Flash Recovery is designed specially for pictures and videos. It's search algorithm allows to find even pictures and videos that can't be found with File Undelete or Drive Recovery, but also this algorithm can't be used to find other types of files. Another reason is that Flash Recovery has picture-oriented user interface that allows you to browse pictures and videos more quickly than with File Undelete. If you've lost pictures and videos, this product is the best solution for you.

What should I not to do if I don't want any problems?

Do not save recovered files to the same drive and partition from where they were recovered.

Is the product safe for my data? I don't want to lose more than I've lost already.

The product doesn't perform any write operation to source drive. As it's important to keep the drive with lost files untouched, do not specify the source drive as destination - do not save files to it.

I don't see my drive in the list of drives available for scan.

Make sure your drive is visible in BIOS or in My Computer as a drive with assigned drive letter. If you're trying to recover the data from flash card connected to PC via Camera, try to use card reader. If you need to recover data from internal memory of your Camera and don't see it in drive list of our product, we can't help you.

I can see my physical Hard Drive, but I can't see my partition neither in Windows, nor in your product.

This is not a problem. You can scan the physical drive as well as logical partitions to find and recover pictures and videos.

What if the product hangs during searching of all the available devices when I try to recover the files from memory card?

Remove the removable devices, start the product and mount them back.

I need to recover data from RAID, will this product help me?

If you have access to your RAID with Windows, there is a chance that D-PhotoRecovery can help you, but if you don't, unless you're trying to recover the data from RAID-1, this product will not help you, and you should use RAID Recovery. If you need to recover the data from RAID-1, just use one drive of the drive set and scan it like usual drive.

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