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NTFS and MFT Recovery: Recover Files and Data from Corrupted NTFS Partitions

Data loss and corruption can happen for a number of reasons even on the most reliable media to store your files. The loss of information can happen because of software crashes, malicious or accidental user activities, power blackouts, and lots of other things. An absolute majority of modern disks bear the NTFS file system. One of the most robust and recoverable file systems, NTFS can be often repaired at home by the end user. But what if traditional NTFS MFT recovery utilities such as chkdsk.exe fail because of heavy corruption of the file system? Just a few years ago, providing the damaged hard disk to a professional data service was the only choice for most of us.

But not anymore!

NTFS and MFT recovery has become easy with the recent appearance of fully automated NTFS recovery products. If you feel hesitant about performing NTFS and MFT recovery yourself, think again! Using 1st NTFS Recovery for NTFS MFT recovery has never been easier. Just starting the program, pointing to the damaged drive and waiting for a few moments opens an Explorer-like window that lists all lost documents grouped by their respective directories. Click a file, and you'll instantly see what's inside in the form of a live preview. You'll see images as images and office files as formatted documents. Audio files will be played in background mode, and video files will be displayed as such, including the sound. It's just as simple as it sounds!

The live preview technology does wonders by showing deleted, corrupted and even partially overwritten documents almost instantly. The technology reads the disk to recover a file into computer's memory, repairs the document if it's corrupted or if a part of it is unreadable, and displays its contents in a form of a live preview. The technology is available in free and full versions of 1st NTFS Recovery.

Do-it-yourself style NTFS MFT recovery is a reality. Modern NTFS MFT recovery products such as 1st NTFS Recovery combine level of user-friendliness that was unthinkable yesterday with professional recovery features. Those are the same data recovery algorithms that many professional data recovery companies have been using for years. Making a long story short, 1st NTFS Recovery is among the first few NTFS MFT recovery tools that stopped counting on the file system as the only reliable source of information about the files being recovered.

The file system can get damaged beyond repair, or even completely overwritten with new data if the disk gets reformatted or repartitioned accidentally. Instead of using the file system as the only source of information, 1st NTFS Recovery combines information from what's left of the file system with information it reads from the hard disk by directly scanning and analyzing its entire surface. Being aware of hundreds of file formats such as spreadsheets, digital pictures, audio, ZIP and RAR archives, email messages and databases, 1st NTFS Recovery can recover them easily. If required, it will fix missing and corrupted files. The NTFS MFT recovery happens completely automatically. There is no need to change settings or check anything to enable this powerful technology. Just scan the damaged disk, and 1st NTFS Recovery will use every known technique in order to restore as much of your data as possible.

1st NTFS Recovery is available for immediate download at no charge. Make sure that 1st NTFS Recovery can actually recover your disk and recover your data by performing the disk scan and clicking the files that it finds. The Live Preview feature is fully functional even in the free edition of 1st NTFS Recovery, so if you see a preview, you are guaranteed to get that file recovered by the full version. It's just as simple. Get your free evaluation version of 1st NTFS Recovery at http://ntfs-recovery.com/

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