RAID Recovery

RAID Recovery Made Easy

Raid Recovery offers home and office users an affordable and easily usable way to recover lost data and repaid damaged RAID arrays of various types.

RAID Recovery

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Recover All Types of RAID Arrays

Raid Recovery offers fully automated recovery of all types of RAID arrays. Complete with advanced array reconstruction and data recovery modes, Raid Recovery is fully able to re-create corrupted RAID arrays completely automatically.

Types of RAID Arrays

Raid Recovery supports, without limitations, all types of mirror, stripe, and hybrid RAID arrays, including RAID 0, 1, JBOD, RAID 5, and 0+1, no matter whether the original RAID controller is currently present or not. All types of dedicated and built-in RAID controllers are supported, including ones built into RAID-enabled motherboards featuring chip sets manufactured by NVidia, Intel, and VIA. DDF compliant devices are also supported.

Supports Microsoft Dynamic Disks

Microsoft Dynamic Disks are special kinds of software-based RAID arrays that work on certain types of Windows Server systems without any RAID hardware. Raid Recovery recognizes and fully supports Microsoft Dynamic Disks, even if running on a version of Windows that does not support Dynamic Disks natively. For example, it is possible to recover software RAIDs by running Raid Recovery on Windows Vista or Windows XP; no Windows Server is required!

Fully Automated Operation

Raid Recovery detects the original type of the RAID as well as the manufacturer of the original RAID controller completely automatically, even if no RAID controller is present in the system. This allows recovering RAID arrays after a failure of motherboards containing built-in RAID controllers, or repairing arrays when a dedicated RAID controller fails.

Available Manual Mode

Manual mode is also available for complex systems and experienced software engineers. Even then, a simple drag-and-drop action allows software engineers to assemble a broken RAID array by just dragging icons with a mouse.

Recovers Original Data

The whole point of recovering a failed RAID array is to get back information stored on it. Raid Recovery puts top priority to recovering files and data stored on the array, applying sophisticated data recovery algorithms to locate and save to a safe location as much data as possible.

Advanced Data Recovery Algorithms

The proprietary PowerSearch algorithm scans the entire set of disks comprising the RAID in order to locate and recover more than 150 types of files, even if one or more disks are missing from the array. The available pre-recovery preview works in both free and full versions of Raid Recovery, allowing customers to preview the results before committing to making a purchase.

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