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Raid Recovery offers home and office users an affordable and easily usable way to recover lost data and repaid damaged RAID arrays of various types.

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What should I not to do if I don't want any problems?

Do not save recovered files to the same drive and partition from where they were recovered.

Is the product safe for my data? I don't want to lose more than I've lost already.

The product doesn't perform any write operation to source drive. As it's important to keep the drive with lost files untouched, do not specify the source drive as destination - do not save files to it.

I don't see my drive in the list of drives available for scan.

Make sure your drive is visible in BIOS or in My Computer as a drive with assigned drive letter. If you're trying to recover the data from flash card connected to PC via Camera, try to use card reader. If you need to recover data from internal memory of your Camera and don't see it in drive list of our product, we can't help you.

I've deleted file on the RAID, how can I recover it?

You can try to scan your RAID like usual hard drive with Disk Wizard. If this will not help, you should make full RAID recovery like in cases when you can't access the RAID.

My RAID is down. How can I recover it? How can I perform full RAID Recovery?

Disable your RAID in BIOS. You should do that to allow RAID Recovery access your drives directly to reach better results. If you're recovering NAS RAID or RAID based on dedicated RAID controller, connect the drives to the motherboard directly by Serial ATA or Ultra ATA. You should be able to see all the drives from RAID as separate drives in our product. Use RAID wizard to compile your RAID virtually, you should be able to browse the correct file and folder structure and open the previews if you've selected the correct parameters for your RAID. If you can see all you need, finish the wizard to save the found configuration. If there are several configurations you think good to recover, save them all. After this you'll see new RAID or RAIDs in the list of the drives available to scan, colored in red. Next your step is to use Disk Wizard to scan the drive or drives and recover your data like from usual drive.

I've lost some drives from my RAID, can I still recover my RAID data?

While you always can try to recover the raid without some drives, some RAID levels allow one or more damaged drives without any loss in data. You should refer to our RAID glossary section to find further information about your level of RAID.

I don't know the stripe size and it can't be determined automatically.

You should try different values to get original file and folder structure visible in the RAID Constructor window.

I can see my physical Hard Drive, but I can't see my partition neither in Windows, nor in your product.

You should recover your lost partition with our product first, use Disk Wizard.

How can I make backup of my RAID using your product?

With our product you can make the backup of whole RAID or any drive of it. Just select the physical drive (RAID should be disabled) or the whole RAID (RAID should be enabled), right-click on it and select Create Recovery Snapshot. Later you will be able to mount recovery snapshot of the whole RAID using Menu-Drives option, find and restore all the data you need. Recovery Snapshot of the single RAID drive can be used instead of physical drive in Full RAID Recovery procedure using RAID Wizard.

Download Buy Now Overview Features Tutorial FAQ Press

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