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Sales and Technical support:

We strive for providing technical support in a timely manner to all our customers, whether or not they have licensed their copy of NTFS Recovery software. All customers who have purchased a valid license for NTFS Recovery products are entitled to the technical support by email.

Some customers require higher priority in technical support matters. Priority support requests are handled within a 24-hour timeframe. Shall you need to receive the same level of priority support, you may purchase priority support for $40 a year.

Retrieve Lost Registration Key

If you have lost your registration key. Please contact us support@ntfs-recovery.com or submit a contact form.

Please provide as much information as possible from the following list:

  • Product Name

  • E-mail address under your order

  • You Registration Name

  • Windows version

  • Types of files or documents you are recovering with NTFS Recovery

  • Storage media (hard disk, memory card, USB drive, digital camera, etc.)

  • File system (FAT or NTFS)

  • Approximate date when the loss of data or disk corruption occurred

  • We will locate your registration key and deliver it to your e-mail.

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